The Visconti Castle

Castello Visconteo



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Built by Galeazzo II Visconti as from 1360 the construction was achieved after only five years. It was a stately and refined court residence rather than a fortress. The two and three mullioned terracotta windows and the refined decoration of the courtyard highlight this purpose.

There are some significant proofs of the great frescoes showing battles, hunting and middle-class life scenes, which decorated rooms, porches and loggias. Another excellent proof is the complete decoration of the splendid Blue Room with its gold and lapislazuli. Perhaps it was the seat of the Visconti library with its 1.000 manuscripts and commissioned by Petrarch.

The Castle was used as barracks and during Napoleon’s age the crenellations were covered by a roof. In the 20th century the Castle was bought by the municipality, restored and used as a cultural centre. In fact, it houses the various sections of the town museums as well as art exhibition rooms.

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