Carthusian Monastery

Certosa di Pavia


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Certosa di Pavia. For information:

It is seven km to the north of Pavia. Gian Galeazzo Visconti wanted a magnificent complex to be constructed at the park boundary. It was to be a private chapel and a family mausoleum too. The foundation stone was laid in 1396 during the late Gothic period, but only in the mid- 15th century, the building was achieved in its rich Renaissance decoration, which makes it one on the most prestigious monuments of the Italian art. Its façade is remarkably decorated with white and polychrome marble. It is worth visiting the ivory triptych in the old vestry, the superb frescoes by Bergognone in the transept, the amazing wooden carving in the choir and the rich terracotta decorations in the two cloisters.

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