Pavia is a town full of young people
Roberto Vecchioni

Beautiful like no other...
with a prospect so free and vast
that I don't think any other city located in the plains
can have a bigger and more beautiful one

(Letter from Petrarca to Boccaccio - december 14, 1365)

To plunge completely into the splendor of Pavia’s glorious past and to discover the testimonies of today, the best thing is a walk. By walking, we can fully observe all the details of its history. Alleys, streets, monuments, buildings, Pavia offers many paths to the visitor that arrives for the first time in the town. Through its squares, avenues and covered bridge, we can write Pavia’s history: its grandeur is reflected in the town of today.

An old town, but at the same time also young and lively, that has maintained in time, despite the innumerable sustained changes, its Romanesque plant foundation. Its buildings, especially its Romanesque churches that represent the highest expression of this style, are considerably interesting and continue to inspire great curiosity. Its University, cradle of knowledge and its theatre tradition embody the modernist part of Pavia’s past.

The routes, described here, develop a thematic tour comparing in a unique guidebook the most prestigious buildings of the town, the medieval towers, the green areas, the downtown, with its “Piazza Grande” and Strada Nuova, the ancient Roman cardo.

The richness of the historical, artistic and monumental heritage of our town does not measure only for the most mentioned monuments but moreover for the vastness of hidden treasures, which are often neglected, that constitute a real surprise for the visitor but also for the inhabitants of the town that often do not understand the masterpieces kept between the walls of home. The rooms of the Visconteo Castle are only one example of what one can experience here.

The medieval quarters, the Ticino river and its borough offer again nice ideas for day trips. The town can be visited on foot easily. Step by step we want to take you on a journey to the discovery of Pavia where each stage represents a step back in time and each one details a treasure to carry in your heart and to promote.


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