Places of interest

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Scuderie del Castello Visconteo

Stables of the Visconti Castle

Viale XI Febbraio 35, Pavia

The space of Stables is settled in the princely palace commissioned by Galeazzo Visconti in the later 14th century for Pavia, only 20 minutes far from Milano.

Musei Civici
  Spazi culturali-Museum

Civic Museums

Viale XI Febbraio 35, Pavia

They are the pride of the city of Pavia.

they are within the Visconti Castle and hold some permanent collections.

Collegio Borromeo

Borromeo College

Piazza del Collegio Borromeo, Pavia

This College, founded by St. Charles in 1561, is one of the most beautiful mannerist mansions in Lombardy.

Orto Botanico

Botanical Gardens

Via Sant'Epifanio 14, Pavia

They are situated in an ancient area where the convent of Sant’Epifanio once stood and whose cloister is still visible.

Il Broletto (antico Palazzo Comunale)

Broletto (the ancient town hall)

Piazza Vittoria, Pavia

The “Broletto” was the historical seat of the city meetings from the 11th century to the 16th century.

Certosa di Pavia

Carthusian Monastery

Via del Monumento, Certosa di Pavia

It is seven km to the north of Pavia. Gian Galeazzo Visconti wanted a magnificent complex to be constructed at the park boundary.



Piazza del Duomo, Pavia

Since 1488 the inhabitants of Pavia wanted a Renaissance cathedral to be rebuilt to replace the ancient Romanesque cathedral of St. Stefano and S.ta Maria del Popolo.

Ponte Coperto

Covered Bridge

Ponte Coperto, Pavia

In the middle of the 14th century the bridge was reconstructed to replace the ancient Roman bridge, whose piers are still visible.

Teatro Fraschini

Fraschini Theatre

Corso Strada Nuova 136, Pavia

Four representatives of the town nobility wanted the first public theatre to be built. The project, carried out between 1771 and 1773, was assigned to one of the greatest stage designing architect of the time, Antonio Galli Bibiena.